Gallery Hire

Love Love Studio
Gallery hire - $600 for a one week exhibition period including opening night celebration.  (Hire costs to be paid one week prior to opening) + 30% on sales.

What you need to do
1. All work to be delivered 1 week prior to opening night for hanging and curation.
2. All works must have D-rings or suitable frames for hanging and display.
3. Please include titles and price list. Artist statement optional. This must be submitted with the artwork.
4. Image and show details for publication and marketing to be emailed at least 3 weeks prior to show opening.

What we will do
  1. We will happily provide advice and assist with curation and hanging.
  2. We will handle all marketing and social media for your event.
  3. We will handle all sales and follow up.
  4. We will run the opening reception, leaving you time to mingle and enjoy the evening. 

  • Less is more - be prepared to cull--bring more than you need and pick what works best.
  • If it is a group show-remember the others- during the curation process be prepared to make a sacrifice. Sometimes a work will clash with another so it's important to have the overall collection in mind.
  • The curation process can take a long time-- be prepared to put some hours in--at least 4-5 hours to hang!
  • Too many cooks spoil everything! Everyone one has an opinion on what looks best-- this can make curating very tiresome--Pick one person to make the final decision.
  • Make sure the work you display can be taken off the gallery wall and hung in someone's home immediately -- this makes it easier to sell. Frames help!
  • Costing-- general rule -- how much you think you're worth an hour x material costs.