Tuesday, 11 September 2012

The Eye Not The Ear… Though Always At Hand

 Tessa Fox - 'Power To The People'
 Tessa Fox 'No Closer Am I, In The Search For Home'
 Elleni Toumpas 'Hasselblad In Light'
 Elleni Toumpas 'Sunset On The Streets Of Fitzroy'
 Andrew Wade 'Vegas'
Andrew Wade 'Wonder'


28th September - 30th September 2012


WRAP-UP BBQ, SUNDAY 30th September 12pm - 6pm

Klaus are playing at 4pm - http://www.facebook.com/Klausisaband

A selection of Instagram images from Brisbane
music photographers... highlighting the natural photogrpahic
talent of each individual in their everday life, away from the
field of photography which they have become known for.

Love Love Studio
27 Florence Street, Teneriffe, Brisbane

0439 995 828

Gallery Opening Hours
Saturdays and Sundays 12 to 4pm

Unfortunately, music photographers have become subjected to credibility depending on what band they’ve shot or what magazine they’ve been published in. This exhibition celebrates an every day passion of photography and moments captured, which removes the fame of the band depicting whether the viewer will hang it on their wall.

We breathe imagery and storytelling, composition and texture, colour and lines; this is an insight into our day to day lives. When we aren’t being packhorses carrying our gear around to a gig or a location shoot, we will use our phones to capture an image. We do this so that we are continually keeping our eyes and creativity active in searching for a beautiful / challenging / emotive shot.

I, personally, am revolting against the image of the music photographer. I feel we aren’t necessarily respected for our vision and the creativity in our images. I want to strip that back and show the true talent out there that is often dismissed. We are professionals in our field, just because cameras are cheap doesn’t mean you can take a decent photo or source work from bands, labels, magazines, production companies and pr companies, and also chase invoices which will therefore let us pay the rent and buy tea bags… and maybe some pasta.

We hope that by printing our everyday ‘eye catchings’ and displaying them to the public we will reinstate the respect for music photographers everywhere and remind people that we are creating images and not just putting our names as credits next to photos of famous bands.”

-Tessa Fox Music Photographer and Curator of 'The Eye Not The Ear…Though Always At Hand'

Tessa Fox - www.tessafox.com
Elleni Toumpas - www.ellenitoumpas.com.au
Andrew Wade - www.feedback-photography.com

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