Monday, 27 May 2013

Newspaper Launch this Saturday!

This Saturday Love Love will be hosting a newspaper launch from the brilliant collective Mild Mutant. There will be live bands, a BBQ, a whole host of wonderful creatives and a brand spanking new newspaper. It will cost you a measly $8 and kicks off at 2pm till late. Don't you dare miss out!

"Mild Mutant is a Brisbane based collective of artists, writers, and photographers with limbs in all the wrong places. Our collaborations put a mottled lens to human bacteria, using various mediums including zine, video and blog. We make things for the enjoyment of their construction, creating a high-form of low-brow that eschews elitist elements of art and literature in favour of finger fucking popular culture.

We have recently put together a newspaper exploring the strange and wonderful, and are having a launch party at Love Love studios to celebrate."

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