Wednesday, 1 October 2014

The Landscape of Feeling - New Works by Stephen Brasch

 LOVELOVE STUDIO is proud to present the new and exciting paintings of local artist Stephen Brasch. Carmen Keates sums up Stephen's work beautifully in the following passage.

 When I look at these paintings I feel the calm intelligence I associate with Stephen. There’s no avoiding that. But there’s something else that is beyond the literal personality a friend can recognise. There’s a traveller in there. Not to Paris or London, but between suburbs, states, regions, and times in one’s life.
There’s a feeling of returning and being by turns surprised, disappointed, or even a bit confused by what he finds. Some pictures have the beginning of construction, but it’s almost like the viewer has returned not to a place that was pristine last time he saw it, but maybe more developed. Maybe a shopping centre is now the field that was cleared in preparation for it. The scene has been deconstructed, gone back to its last point of change and disturbance. Things have been taken away from the place of memory, not added.

There is a time displacement, like a dream. And the light in the paintings adds to this—the dusk, the night. Like a long walk on nightfall. The traveller moves away from the TV, the kitchen, and goes for a walk. He finds bulldozers dozing, deserted overpasses, empty highways. He is drifting through the world held still for him to examine. All the people are gone. He is able to walk around all of it and is not sure whether it is fortunate or horrifying that it hums with solitude.

Please join us on the 10th  of OCTOBER to celebrate the new works of Stephen Brasch at LOVELOVE STUDIO. Opening reception 6- 10 pm.

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