Saturday, 5 September 2015


HA-HA has been creating work in the street for well over a decade, and is still, to this day, one of Australia's most prolific and well known street artists.  This Friday night will see the opening of his latest exhibition "Re-Evolve" at LoveLove Studios .

For over a decade Regan T's street-art has cut a path through our urban jungle. Not only has he been one of the world’s most prolific stencil artists, but has also inspired a generation of younger artists. It’s rare to find anywhere in this country he has not beaten you to and painted at some point. His latest work provides an insight into notions celebrity'ism, politics and the collaged and mutated society we all inhabit. Often funny, sometimes disturbing and always cuttingly insightful- he has taken the medium of stenciling to not only a new technical level but also to a unique place in the pursuit of Australian identity. Who are we? Who do we idolize? What does that mean? Regan says HAHA.

HA-HA on a recent trip to Townsville.
HA-HA teaching Julie Bishop how to stencil in Singapore.

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